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REACH SVHC Candidate List.
According to article 33 of the REACH ordinance, it is our responsibility to quote the names of materials that fall under this ordinance, with more than 0.1 percent by mass in products or packaging. Since the publication of the first list of candidates, our suppliers have therefore been duty-bound to provide the required information. If the SVHC list is expanded, we react rapidlly.

The products supplied by us, which are fitted with PVC cables and wires, contain the plasticiser DEHP, which is present in the list of candidates. However, there is no danger to health and the environment emanating from these products, since, if used in conformity with intended purpose, the plasticiser does not get released.

Please get in touch with our REACH contact persons for more information on this subject.

Mr. Peter Orschler, Tel. +49 6029 / 707 580, peter.orschler@rev.biz or
Mr. Marcus Huth, Tel. +49 6029 / 707 566, marcus.huth@rev.biz